We embrace social responsibility.

In 2013, teamtischer began supporting social projects in Nepal. Here, the company cooperates with a charity called Freundeskreis Nepalhilfe e. V. (FNH) and its Nepalese partner organization FWHC – not just providing financial support, but also practical help and knowledge transfer.

April 2013 – Three workshops built in a youth hostel

In April 2013, two teamtischer teams traveled out to Kathmandu, Nepal, where they spent a total of three and a half weeks constructing three workshops in a youth hostel belonging to the FNH/FWHC. Meeting as partners, they taught the young people in the youth hostel various manual skills – and learned a great deal about themselves in the process.

FNH newsletter Dec 2013

September 2015 – Rebuilding after the earthquake

In September 2015, the teamtischer team traveled out for its second deployment in the Kathmandu region. The region had suffered heavy damage from earthquakes in April and May 2015. So the task during this second deployment, which lasted for 14 days, was to rebuild a school and a community center. Working in unpredictable conditions, in scorching heat and with continual power cuts and fuel shortages, the team faced countless challenges. But by working together, they achieved what only a good team can achieve – results that made everyone happy.

FNH Newsletter 2015

March 2018 – Hike for a Better Life

In March 2018, teamtischer initiated and organized a 5-day sponsored walk called “Hike for a Better Life“ in two remote mountain villages in the Annapurna region. The task here was to improve the infrastructure so that fewer young adults would feel compelled to migrate to the big cities with their exploding populations. The 14 participants on the “Hike for a Better Life” walk helped to imbibe the mountain communities with new life. Through their visit, the tourists brought a breath of fresh air to the villagers, who eagerly helped build water tanks, lay water pipes, and haul rocks for retaining walls – and are very much looking forward to welcoming more groups of hikers in the future.

FNH Newsletter 2018

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