Impressive showrooms

Points of sale (POS) are the compelling, eye-catching presentation areas where you promote your products and services. These are places where you want to stand out and get potential customers excited about your product. teamtischer will help you attract attention and make a strong, individual statement.

Allow your product to shine

Aesthetic appeal and functionality are, of course, non-negotiable for us. But the demands on a POS go considerably further. When you present a product or design a sales area, the whole idea is to whet people’s appetite for more. You want to awaken their curiosity, make them eager to find out more, and persuade them to buy the product. We can entice people to your product.

Bask in the success of your product presentation!

As a product manager, do you want your customers to feel as excited about your ideas as you do?

Are you responsible for promoting sales and want to market your products and services in an attractive setting?

As store manager, are you responsible for successful sales at your POS and for satisfied sales personnel?

Your POS needs to be flexible and functional for your employees, but attention-grabbing and user-friendly for your customers. When we plan and construct our designs, we pay justice to both aspects.

Ingenious and exceptionally appealing

Innovative ideas and new technology need to be planned professionally and coordinated perfectly in order to blossom. We’ll implement them successfully in your day-to-day business operations.

A perfect POS is intelligent and carefully designed – from the initial analysis through to design and manufacture. We focus consistently on the customer experience.